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My Coaching Pursuit

Hi! I am Ryan and coaching is my life long pursuit!

Ever since I was in my mom’s womb I have been around coaching and athletics! My mom was a high school swim coach when she was pregnant with me and during the early years of my life. Let us note that she was also a daughter of a coach! My grandfather was a high school basketball coach so I am a 3rd generation coach! So back to my mom, this was my first exposure to the coaching life. It was the way that I saw how to go about life. Going to practice every day, going to meets/events on the weekend, taking travel trips with the players, and everything else that goes along with it! To this day I remember how my those individual athletes treated me as a member of the team even though I was just a little boy. More importantly I saw how they interacted with their coach (my mom).

Move forward a couple years and I begin to get into sports my self. The typical boy athlete back in the late 90’s early 2000’s I played every sport that you can think of (No specialized training for this guy!). Through my sophomore year in high school I competed/trained in all of these sports: hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, swimming, and most importantly the one that took me to where I am at to the day…VOLLEYBALL!!

While I enjoyed being an athlete in all of these sports there is one thing that I look back on and remember the most. My coaches! For some reason I always had a weird fascination with what my coaches did, how it was their job to coach young kids, high school kids, and college kids. I think back about how I always wanted to do that, have a team of my own, have my own gym, that was the dream!

Without knowing that it will ultimately lead to what I do for a living I got into coaching as quickly as I could! When I entered high school I began coaching middle school teams, when I moved to college I immediately began coaching high school teams, and finally when I finished college I got right into collegiate level coaching! Now I work with all athletes from youths to young adults in their college years!

Coaching is who I am, it is in my blood! I have a passion for working with athletes and other coaches. I love the process of how a team develops, I enjoy the team dynamic of the players and how every year and every team brings its own memories! And for the purpose of this blog, I enjoy the pursuit of bettering myself as a coach in order to serve those that I am involved with!

My Mission

In today’s world we are constantly facing change. In the world of athletics we are definitely facing change. The average viewer sees the physical change of the sports like the athletes ability and talents. What coaches see is more than that. We see everything that the public does not. We are the ones that are dealing with the progression of the team dynamic and individuals growth. This happens every year both for the good and the bad. Which is where my mission comes in.

With the use of tools such as: books, articles, videos, and more we will be sharing how the lessons from these tools can be used by coaches every where.

There is a specific saying that I heard from one of my coaches in high school (once I get his permission I will be sure to credit him with this) “There is a million ways to kill a volleyball”. Well I look to provide coaches with “a million ways to coach!”. I am a firm believer that there is no one way to coach a team or athlete. Sure, there are systems that work for people for many years at a time but, I would never say that is the only way it can be done! Which brings us back to what I said above, the world is constantly facing change. So for us coaches we can either fight the change or embrace it! I am choosing the latter of the two!

My mission is to aid coaches, in their own individual pursuits, become not only better coaches for their teams and athletes but ultimately become better for them selves!

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