The Pursuit Begins

“The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”— Napoleon Hill


Hi there and welcome to “A Coach’s Pursuit”! This blog will be taking you along with my own personal pursuit of greatness as a coach. Many of those who know me know my passion for coaching and how much I love what I do. I hope that through this website I can educate and inspire other coaches in their own personal pursuits!

You may be thinking, why would I care about this random coach’s pursuit? Well, I am not looking to talk about my own personal success’s but more about the different tools that I use along the way to help better the lives of all my student athletes! I will be sharing books, articles, interviews, and more to help inspire and educate other coaches out there! My goal is to compile my own database of my thoughts so that both the public and myself can go back and reference them at any time!


There is several books that I have read to help grow my mind and outlook on basically life in general. Almost every book that I read is applied back directly to the team that I am coaching at the time. My players can attest to the different quotes, sayings, and stories that I use are from what I am reading at the time (or have read in the past). I will be recommending different books that I have on my own shelf and provide information on my experience using it in my own life. I will also be finding new books to read and will be sharing my thoughts as I make my way through the book, maybe even at the same time as some of my readers!


Like I do with my books I am always researching other coaches that I can try to emulate in my own daily life! I have several articles that I will be sharing with you and again share how I took these thoughts and ideas and applied them directly to situations that I was in!


The coaches that I have worked with are amazing people. I have learned so much from my colleagues and I hope to expand my coaching network as the years go on! When the time comes, I hope to sit down and share an interview of other coaches and the pursuit that they are on! Remember I am all about growth and want to do anything and everything to continue with my pursuit!

Everyone has that one thing in life that gets their blood pumping, their mind going, and that excitement to just go on and on about! Well, for me it is coaching! I want to do anything and everything that I can to impact as many people that I can during my time as a coach! I am fortunate to have played under coaches that have had a big impact on my life, with this website I hope to be able to connect with people that I may have never crossed path’s with! Maybe I will have an impact on them or share something with them that they would like to use for their own purpose; or maybe I gain a new coaching friend that provides me with another source of knowledge on my pursuit! With that all being said, let us begin out PURSUIT!

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